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Welcome to BCF Web Entry
4-H/FFA BCF entry directions
All 4-H/ FFA Entries are being made by using the club login. This includes, FFA Chapters and Individuals.  After reading these instructions if you still have questions contact the Baker County Extension Office at 541-523-6418.
The menu on the left can be used in any order but suggest using the following instructions until you become familiar with the site.
Please see stalling instructions at the bottom of this page.
We recommend that you to print these instructions before you begin. On the upper right side of the screen click the “Printer Friendly Version.”  After you print the instructions close the window to return to the start page. If you have trouble printing, you may need to enable pop-ups from www.fairmanager.com.
Login as a club, even individual members, & FFA chapters choose appropriate name from pull down list and enter the password you where given.  
Individuals please call the Baker County Extension Office during business hours to get password.   
    • Choose “Begin adding Exhibitors and their Entries”
    • Type First & Last name of exhibitor then choose “I am a new exhibitor” or “This exhibitor has already been registered”
If you are adding a new exhibitor put in the password (all 4-H & FFA exhibitors should use the password “1”) and their mailing address information.
    • If you are bringing up a previously registered exhibitor (use the password “1”)
Note:  All exhibitors from BCF 2015 are still in the database with a password of “1”, you will not need to re-enter their information.
    • Edit address info if needed. Then click “Information is Correct, Continue”
    • Select the Department 4-H or FFA (this will give you only 4-H or FFA divisions in the list)
    • Select the Division the classes are in.  
    • Select the Class the exhibitor is to enter. You may enter more classes for the same division or select a new division.  
    • You will see the entries accumulate under the "current exhibitor" on the left.  
    • When current exhibitor classes are all entered "continue" to check out or.  
    • You may then add entries for a new exhibitor or check out.  
    • To checkout continue to the receipt review. You may delete entries or go back and change them at this time.   
If information is correct enter "YES" in required box.
Please review and print your receipt for your records. This will be necessary for corrections at the time of the show.   Once you have submitted your entries there is no provision at this time for users to delete classes or make corrections on the web. If incorrect entries are submitted please e-mail jayne.kellar@oregonstate.edu with information for corrections.
Create an exhibitor using your club name.  Stalling is a Division; please pick the number of stalls needed for each species in your club.  Do not put stalling on individual exhibitors but under your name of the club.   Put any special considerations under description for each species. Please be as detailed as space will allow.